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Thursday, January 12, 2006

ETHX on the Web

ETHX on the Web is the database on bioethics and professional ethics. ETHX on the Web is a bibliographic database that searches journal articles, book chapters, bills, laws, court decisions, reports, books, audio-visuals, and news articles relating to bioethics and professional ethics. It can also be accesed from: Databases by Title and click on ETHX on the web. Citations on engineering ethics, patents, and intellectual property can also be located using this database. To find whether, the library provides access to either print or electronic journal found in citations, check Journal Titles (Print and Electronic page). For example, journal Science and Engineering Ethics can be found using Journal Titles (Print and Electronic page).

Refworks has RSS feeds

According to January 2006 Release Notes, RefWorks has incorporated a RSS feed reader to allow you to establish links to your favorite RSS feeds and import data from those feeds directly into RefWorks. You can access the RSS Feeds page from the Search area of RefWorks. With RefWorks users can create their own personal database by importing references from online databases. They can use these references in writing their papers and automatically format the paper and the bibliography in seconds. As a web-based product, RefWorks is available to users across various platforms including Windows, Mac, Unix, etc. There is an online tutorial available at Refworks Tutorial.