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Friday, November 18, 2005

Sciencebase -web portal for science is a portal to science articles in biology, chemistry, physics and other areas of scientific discovery researched and written by David Bradley BSc CChem MRSC. The site also features external sites and help sections for science fair projects and chemistry assignment help and other related science education matters, including science lesson plans.
It also includes a science blog.

BMESource - Design resource for Biomedical Engineering students

BMESource is is an important resource for Biomedical Engineering students working on the design project.
BMESource is a shared web portal for the biomedical technology design community. It provides a guide to high-quality, basic information about clinical problems and biomedical technologies that address them. A unique aspect of this resource is that users also contribute links so that the database continues to grow. The site has sections covering all of the traditional engineering areas as well as topics related to intellectual property and commercialization that other engineering design students might find useful.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

RSS feeds from PubMed and IEEE Xplore

PubMed has announced that the search results can now be directly downloaded on your desktop through RSS feeds.

To set up an RSS feed:
(1) Run your search in PubMed.
(2) Select RSS Feed from the Send to menu.
(3) Click Create Feed and copy the XML icon into your RSS Reader.

An RSS reader is required to use this service on your computer and retrieve new items from PubMed. RSS feeds can also be retrieved in your bloglines account by subscribing to the feed.
For More information, see:

RSS Feeds Available from PubMed

For more information on feeds feom other electronic journals and databases,
See Blogging as a tool : innovative approaches to information access

IEEE Xplore RSS feeds

RSS feeds for new issues of IEEE journals are now available for
all titles.

Feeds are available individually from each journal's main page in IEEE

To see one example, visit the Proceedings of the IEEE main page

RSS feeds can also be found through the Table of Contents Alerts service, which continues to offer notification by email.