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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Nature Backfiles

We now have access to the Nature Archive, and I have added the extra coverage to our SFX listing. The full archive will go back to the year
1950, but Nature is still adding content currently, and will not be done until 2006, so we only have availablility through 1970 right now. Here's
the link to access from the e-journal list:

To access, go to Nature Backfiles

or go to 'Find an Electronic Journal' page

Monday, September 19, 2005

RSS feeds from Proquest databases

According to 'Proquest RSS feeds' , RSS feeds are available based on Proquest's predetermined search queries based on certain categories listed in the web site Curriculum Match Factor: RSS Feeds

Once the URL corresponding to a particular search,is added to the feedreader or bloglines account, anytime an article is added to ProQuest that matches that particular subject term, feed with the new article information will be received in the feedreader or the bloglines account.