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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Journal Title Searching now via Hagerty Library Catalog

Journal Title Searching now via Library Catalog

The libraries have now implemented "one-stop shopping" for journal titles in the Library Catalog. Records for electronic journals have been added to the catalog, allowing use of the full range of catalog search options for both print and online journals.

"Journal Search" links throughout the library web site will now point to a search page that offers searching of our complete journal collection by title, keyword or ISSN (International Standard Serial Number. For browsing convenience, links are also provided to the alphabetical lists of electronic journals.

Search results will include both print and electronic versions of a journal title, depending on what is included in our collection. Electronic Journal listings (labelled with "[Electronic Resource]") will link to an SFX menu, listing the available electronic sources.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Encyclopedia of Separation Science online

The Encyclopedia of Separation Science is the most comprehensive resource available on the theory, techniques, and applications of separation science. This encyclopedia will be invaluable to researchers and professionals across a wide range of areas in academia and industry. Covers areas such as, Affinity Separation. Centrifugation. Chromatography. Chromatography: Gas. Chromatography: Liquid. Chromatography: Supercritical Fluid. Chromatography: Thin-Layer (Planar). Crystallisation. Distillation. Electrophoresis. Extraction. Membrane Separations. Particle Size Separation. Acids. Aflatoxins and Mycotoxins. Air Liquefaction: Distillation. Airborne Samples: Solid Phase Extraction. Alcohol and Biological Markers of Alcohol Abuse: Gas Chromatography ... plus many more topics..

Drexel faculty and students can access it online from
Encyclopedia of separation science [electronic resource]

or search in the Library's online catalog by Title

Google Scholar and other Information Resource Tools

Jay Bhatt on "Google Scholar and Other Information Resource Tools"

Jay Bhatt, information services librarian for engineering, led a discussion Wednesday on "Google Scholar and Other Information Resource Tools", examining a variety of information needs for a wide spectrum of audiences ranging from faculty to graduate and undergraduate students. The discussion also covered the new Google Scholar and alternative resources such as online handbooks, encyclopedias, comprehensive citation analysis and online bibliographies. The seminar was part of the College of Arts and Sciences E-Learning Seminar Series.

From Drexel CoAS talks mp3 podcast by Dr. Jean-Claude Bradley is the screencast mp3 podcast
of my talk.