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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Online electronic encyclopedias

Tip: Use online catalog to access our online handbooks and encyclopedias
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You can also use specific keywords such as 'chemical', for example, to find any chemical related encyclopedias or handbooks.
Some Science and Engineering related encyclopedias that you can find are:

Ullmann's encyclopedia of industrial chemistry [electronic resource]
Encyclopedia of biomaterials and biomedical engineering [electronic resource]
Encyclopedia of medical genomics and proteomics [electronic resource] / edited by Jurgen Fuchs, Maur
The complete book of spaceflight [electronic resource] : from Apollo 1 to zero gravity / David Darli
Encyclopedia of optical engineering [electronic resource] / edited by Ronald G. Driggers.
Encyclopedia of agrochemicals [electronic resource] / Jack R. Plimmer, Derek W. Gammon, Nancy N. Rag
Encyclopedia of materials, parts, and finishes [electronic resource] / Mel Schwartz.
Encyclopedia of smart materials [electronic resource] / [edited by] Mel Schwartz.
Encyclopedia of chemical physics and physical chemistry [electronic resource] / edited by John H. Mo
Encyclopedia of materials [electronic resource] : science and technology / editors in chief, by K.H.
AccessScience @ McGraw-Hill : [electronic resource] the McGraw-Hill encyclopedia of science and tech
Concise encyclopedia of plastics [electronic resource] / Donald V. Rosato, Marlene G. Rosato, Domini
Encyclopedia of separation science [electronic resource]/ editor in chief, Ian D. Wilson ; managing
Encyclopedia of bioprocess technology [electronic resource] : fermentation, biocatalysis, and biosep
The encyclopedia of molecular biology [electronic resource] / Thomas E. Creighton.
Encyclopedia of cryptology [electronic resource] / David E. Newton.
Encyclopedia of life sciences [electronic resource].
Kirk-Othmer encyclopedia of chemical technology [electronic resource] / executive editor, Jacqueline
Encyclopedia of polymer science and technology [electronic resource] / editorial board, Herman F. Ma

Plus many more!


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