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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Engineering Village 2 RSS feed

In an earlier post on RSS Feeds including HubMed (pubmed rewired) some useful RSS sites were provided. You will need to download a feedreader to be able to read updates provided by various RSS sites. There are number of RSS readers available from which you can select a reader.

RSS Compendium is a list with links to a variety of RSS readers categorised by different platforms

Engineering Village 2 provides RSS feeds of your search queries. Once you have executed a search, you can post the latest updated records that match your query to your RSS aggregator and share the results with others within your institution.

Engineering Village 2 RSS feed includes titles of the records and links back to Engineering Village 2 for the detailed record. You need to be in an IP authenticated environment that has access to Engineering Village 2 to view the detailed record. This feature will allow you to get automatic weekly updates of your search queries' results within your RSS readers. To use the RSS feeds from Engineering Village 2, execute and refine your search until you have the search strategy that you wish to use as your feed. If your organization has enabled the RSS feed, an RSS feed link with will appear following your search statement.

Click on the RSS link. Copy and paste the link to your RSS reader. Each week when the database is updated any new results matching your query will be displayed in your RSS reader. Up to 400 titles will be delivered with each update.

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