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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Web of Science/Science Citation Index

Web of Science helps in navigating backward in time using cited references to uncover the research that influenced an author's work. It will also help in tracking a topic through some additional years of research literature. The Citation Indexes provide access to current and retrospective bibliographic information, author abstracts and cited references.

To access, please go to:

Engineering databases and click on Science Citation Index

To learn how to use the Web of Science or the Science Citation Index, please refer to:
Tutorial on using web of Science
Tutorial on using Cited Reference Searching

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At 3:41 PM, Blogger Dean Giustini said...

"Google Scholar Rivals Web of Science" - UBC Prof Says

It's axiomatic that databases bought by university libraries - like ISI's Web of Science (WoS) - outperform free search tools like Google Scholar. Or is it? A recent study co-authored by Daniel Pauly, director of the UBC Fisheries Centre suggests otherwise; the study compared WoS with Google Scholar, with some surprising results.

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